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The admission process in the University undergraduate courses takes place after undertaking selective processes of admission – by a selection based on the grades from the High School National Exam (Enem) and other admission processes.

Click here for information on admission, termination, disciplines and enrollment (Department of Register and Academic Control)


In 2009, ENEM became the only path of admission to courses at the Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco (UFRPE), which doesn’t apply the vestibular exams anymore, according to orientation from the Ministry of Education (MEC).

After disclosing the grades nationally, those approved can apply to the System of Unified Selection (SiSU), where places at UFRPE are made available, on its several undergraduate courses.

According to the Ministry of Education (MEC) – who is responsible for the exams – ENEM is a test with 180 questions, divided in four areas of knowledge: Languages (including an essay), Human Sciences, Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

At SiSU 215.1ª UFRPE offered a total of 3,240 places for enrollment in the two entries made available that year. In the second semester of SiSU, UFRPE offered more than 300 places for the engineering courses at the Academic Unit of Santo Agostinho (UACSA).


Besides ENEM, UFRPE relies on mechanisms that allow the admission of students through other modalities of access, twice a year, in dates pre-established and with public notices published by the Provost of Teaching and Undergraduate Studies (PREG), in which the courses with vacancies available for this particular admission process are made public.  This process can take place in the following modalities:

REINTEGRATION – After losing the bond with the University, the student who has been absent for less than 5 years will be able to apply for reintegration, one time only, on the same course (for graduation purposes), if he is able to conclude the course within the permitted deadline (considering the deadline from the previous academic link and how many credits he needs to graduate) and if he didn’t failed 04 or more times in 01 or more disciplines.

REOPTION – The student regularly enrolled and admitted at UFRPE through Vestibular who is unhappy with his course can apply for an internal transference to a different undergraduate course at UFRPE, from an area of knowledge equal to his current course, taking into consideration if there are vacancies available in his course of choice, and if he has concluded at least 40% of his original course, and has the time to graduate, considering the previous and the current courses.

TRANSFERENCE – The University takes in students from other Higher Education Institutions, connected to courses recognized by the CNE, who wish to continue their courses or apply for courses from areas of common knowledge, having an active bond or a leave of absence with the original Institution, and are able to graduate within the maximum deadline, considering the deadline of the previous Higher Education Institution and what they still need to study to graduate at UFRPE, and that they can’t have failed 4 or more times in their previous academic link. Except in cases of ex officio transferences, (which don’t require vacancies to be available) it’s necessary, to enroll, for the course to have vacancies available.

DIPLOMA HOLDER – Diploma holders from higher education courses, acknowledged by CNE who wish to take a different Higher Education course at UFRPE, can also apply for enrollment, if there are vacancies available in the desired course, after the admission of all other application modalities.