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Social Communication

Social Communication Coordination

The Social Communication Coordination (CCS), advisory department directly connected to the UFRPE President’s Office, has a role of great importance inside the institution. Through daily work, production and dissemination of content and information, the CCS is responsible for managing the University’s communication policy, guided by the promotion of dialogue between UFRPE and society.

Among its actions, the CCS is responsible for the production and dissemination of strategic information at UFRPE. Internally, the CCS seeks to promote communication between students, professors, technicians and staff for third party companies.

Externally, it’s the CCS job to strengthen UFRPE’s institutional image through its connections with the press and other public and private institutions.

To perform its institutional mission, the CCS relies on a multidisciplinary staff of communication professionals. Currently, the CCS is formed by three journalists, one designer and one cameraman.


- “To manage the UFRPE social communication policy through strategic actions in order to strengthen the integrated communication between UFRPE and society”.


- To promote processes of dialogue between UFRPE and its several publics of interest;
- To advise UFRPE’s Higher Administration in processes of communication with the academic community and society;
- To act in order to strengthen UFRPE’s institutional image in society;
- To develop actions related to the internal communication among the several segments of the institution;
- To strengthen the bonds with press and partner institutions;
- To systematically disseminate actions of teaching, research and extension;


Contacts: (81) 3320 6012 / 6013 / 6014